Important Consignor Dates & Deadlines


Thursday, August 9th 2018

4pm - 7pm Consignor Drop Off


Friday, August 10th 2018

11am - 6pm  Consignor Drop Off


Saturday, August 11th 2018

8am - 9am  Pre-Sale

9am - 6pm  Sale Open to Public


Sunday, August 12th 2018

12pm - 1pm  50% off Pre-Sale

1pm - 4pm    50% off Open to Public

6pm - 7pm    Consignor Pick Up

7:30*            Donation



Consignor Registration Now Open



Thursday, September 20th 2018

2pm - 8pm  Consignor Drop off


Friday, September 21st 2018
8:30am - 9am  Pre-Sale

9am - 7pm       Sale Open to Public


Saturday, September 22nd 2018

8:30am - 9am     50% off Pre-Sale
9am - 4pm          50% off Open to                                Public
6pm - 8pm          Consginor Pick Up
8pm*                  Donation




Consignor Registration Now Open



Consignors earn 70% of their total sales. 


Plus earn up to 90% of sales by:

  • Volunteer 3 hours and earn an extra 5% of your total sales.
  • Earn an additional 5% for each friend referred (Up to 3 friends total: friend must be a new consignor and must consign minimum of 75 items)


*Items not picked up during designated consignor pick up time will be donated. 

How does it work?


  • Register as a consignor
  • Pick Out, Price & Tag your items
  • Drop Off your items
  • Pick Up or Donate items
  • Check is in the mail!

Why consign with To A New

  • $8 Consignor fee (Taken out of your final sales check total)
  • Bring in more money compared to having a garage sale or selling online
  • Price your own items
  • Volunteer & earn more
  • Refer a friend & earn more
  • Great way to be green
  • NEW- We accept tags from other consignment sales! 

Homeschool/Educational Curriculum and Supplies

Earn 90% on homeschool curriculum and supplies consigned

  • In order to earn 90%, consignor must have a minimum of at least 100 total items consigned and brought to a scheduled Drop Off.
  • 100 items can be a mix of educational items and clothing, toys, furniture, etc.

Consignor Tips:

  1. Be sure to plan enough time to tag. Tagging can be time consuming, especially for your first time. Do not wait until the night before deadline.
  2. Download and print the Tagging Spreadsheet. This will help you keep things organized and make entering items into the system quick and easy. 
  3. Presentation is key! Ask yourself, does this look like something I would buy? Wash, iron, snap and tie. That extra detail goes a long way. 
  4. Put batteries into toys that use them. You can get them at the Dollar Store. It will show that the item works and is more likely to sell. 
  5. Pricing is key, too! It is easy to make the mistake of over pricing items. General rule is to price your items at 1/3 to 1/2 of what you paid. If it is an item that you do not want to go home with, be sure to also mark it to move to half price for the second day of sale.
  6. Here is a pricing guide from Consignment Mommies if you get stuck and need help pricing your items. 
  7. You can put outfits together but DON'T put two different sizes together to make an outfit. 
  8. Double check your items and make sure they are tagged correctly. 
  9. Item limit of 250 entries per registered consignor.
  10. Volunteer to earn more of your total sales and to shop early.
  11. Download and print our Consignor Checklist to keep you organized and on track for a successful sale.
  12. Check any items such as cribs, car seats, etc. for recalls through our Product Recall Finder
  13. Download, Print and Sign the Recall Waiver if applicable.
  14. Be sure to bring your recall waiver with you to drop off!
Consignor Checklist
Consignor Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [90.1 KB]
Recall Waiver
Recall Waiver.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [57.9 KB]
Tagging Spreadsheet
Tagging Spreadsheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.1 KB]

Accepted Items

  • Clothing & Shoes - Newborn to Teen

  • Children's Furniture

  • Nursery Décor, Bedding & Accessories

  • Baby & Children's Books, Movies & Toys

  • Baby Equipment
  • Maternity
  • Cloth Diapers and Accessories
  • Homeschooling Curriculum and Supplies

Unaccepted Items

  • Any item that has been recalled such as cribs and car seats - We have partnered with WeMakeItSafe to make your searching for product recalls easy. Product Recall Finder
  • Expired car seats, booster seats, car seat bases
  • Items with stains, tears, missing pieces or that are broken. 
  • Opened personal care products such as baby powder, soaps, lotions, etc.

  • Stuffed Animals

  • Jewelry

Tagging Instructions

  1. Print your tags on thick paper such as card stock or note cards. Do not print on standard printer paper. These tags tend to rip off.
  2. Tag Placement on clothing: 
    • Safety Pins – Attach tags to the upper left hand corner of the item (when you're looking at the garment).  For shirts, this is the shoulder area.
    • Tagging Gun – Tags should be attached to the inside "tag" on a garment or through the seam of garment to avoid damage.

  3. Hang your items so the open side of the hanger faces left when looking at the item. 
  4. When tagging shoes, use a zip tie or place the shoes in a ziplock bag with the tag taped to the front of the bag.
  5. When tagging books, games, puzzles, or movies, tape the tag using masking tape. This is the easiest tape to remove and the least damaging. Avoid placing tags on item decals, as this tends to damage and tear the decal.  

No Retagging System

As working moms, we know your time is very valuable and as fellow consignors, we also know that tagging consignment sale items can take time. Therefore, we have created a system that allows our consignors to make more of their valuable time by using tags from other consignment sales. To A New consignors have the option to still have their items in two different consignment sales, but save time by only tagging them once. This increases exposure of your consignment items which leads to higher possibility for items to sell and with To A New's higher than average consignor earning base, our consignors have the opportunity to earn more money for their items. 


How to consign with other consignment sale tags:

  1. Register for the current consignment sale
  2. Gather your tagged items and get a physical count of the items you will drop off
    • The physical count can be as general (ex: 247 items) or as detailed (ex: 157 clothes, 4 shoes, 18 games/toys....)
  3. Print & Fill out the No Retagging Consignor Agreement
  4. Bring your items & signed agreement to the first drop off day
  5. Pick up your unsold items during the designated pick up day
  6. Smile knowing that your items are now ready for the next consignment sale!


Rules for consigning with other consignment sale tags:

  1. You will not be able to see live sales when using other consignment sale tags. In order to see live sales, you will have to use To A New tags. Other consignment sale tags are audited at the end of each night to ensure they are going to the correct consignor therefore, to avoid possible confusion during the day, live sales are not available on your consignor page.
  2. All items that are consigned with other consignment sale tags in the To A New sale will be discounted to half off during the Half Price sale. With the possibility of the many different consignment tags, it is too much for our shoppers to know which symbol to look for during the Half Price sale. This is helpful to avoid confusion for everyone. 
  3. 250 item limit so make sure to bring your best items.
  4. Items with other consignment sale tags, must be dropped off during the first drop off day. No items with other consignment sale tags will be accepted during the second drop off day.
No Retagging Consignor Agreement
No Retagging Consignor Agreement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [74.5 KB]

Edmond Fall/Winter Sale Dates:

First Day of Sale

Saturday, August 11th 2018 9am - 6pm


Half Price Sale

Sunday, August 12th 2018 1pm - 4pm

Store Location

Edmond Downtown Community Center

28 E Main St
Edmond, OK 73034

Guthrie Fall/Winter Sale Dates:

First Day of Sale

Friday, Sept 21st

9am - 7pm

Half Price Sale

Saturday, Sept 22nd
9am - 4pm   

Store Location

Drexel Event Center

219 S Drexel
Guthrie, OK  73044 

Phone: 405-514-2363

or 405-596-1588


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