Tagging Instructions

  1. Print your tags on thick paper such as card stock or note cards. Do not print on standard printer paper. These tags tend to rip off.
  2. Tag Placement on clothing: 
    • ​Safety Pins – Attach tags to the upper left hand corner of the item (when you're looking at the garment).  For shirts, this is the shoulder area.
    • Tagging Gun – Tags should be attached to the inside "tag" on a garment or through the seam of garment to avoid damage.

  3. Hang your items so the open side of the hanger faces left when looking at the item. 
  4. When tagging shoes, use a zip tie or place the shoes in a ziplock bag with the tag taped to the front of the bag.
  5. When tagging books, games, puzzles, or movies, tape the tag using masking tape. This is the easiest tape to remove and the least damaging. Avoid placing tags on item decals, as this tends to damage and tear the decal.  



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